• Farmers markets and craft fairs on Dearborn St. in Old Englewood, Florida
    Always New Things to Discover
  • Fresh breads and pastries can be found at the markets on Dearborn Street in Englewood, Florida
    You're Sure to Find Something Delicious!
  • Discover the wildlife in the Gulf Coast community of Englewood, Florida
    Even the Wildlife Love Englewood's Sunsets
  • Gulf Coast Life of Englewood Florida
    Gulf Coast Life of Englewood Florida
  • Quaint shops line Dearborn Street in Englewood Florida
    Explore the Quaint Shops of Dearborn Street

A Vibrant Community for Everyone

Old Englewood Village, Florida

Your Old Englewood Village Association (OEVA), a community-based organization, remains committed to building a stronger community by working with our fellow non-profits, local community leaders, organizations, associations, and residents.

OEVA supports a diverse mix of interests from community revitalization, management, beautification, arts, promotions, social, cultural, and recreational services.

Our goal, with your help, is to make Englewood an even better place to live.

OEVA offers a variety of member and committee opportunities to promote our small businesses, artists of all disciplines (musicians, culinary, literary, and preforming arts), events and several other areas. If you have a passion, OEVA can help.

Staying connected and informed is even easier with our new blogs, automated social media posts and links, newsfeeds, and our new survey and e-mail tools.

Art and music members enjoy personalized pages and galleries, even possible gig work opportunities from their profiles. So please, help us shape Englewood’s future by becoming a member today.