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OEVA Board Meeting May 2022

Board Meeting Minutes  Held on: 05/17/2022  (Embedded PDF)

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Cedar Street Parking Lot Cleanup

This Monthly Cedar St Parking Lot Cleanup event will happen every Friday before the First Saturday of the month to prepare for the Cruisin' on Dearborn event when it comes to town on the first Saturday of the month to show our guests the pride we have in our town. A strong consensus prefers to beat the heat and work it in the morning on a weekday, ...

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Send your requests to Sarasota County Gov't through their new app!

SARASOTA COUNTY - Sarasota County Government has launched a new customer service initiative called 311Connect, that will help the community access all of the county's services in a variety of convenient ways. The new service allows users submit requests for service or information via web, a mobile app and phone options. 311Connect provides options ...

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OEVA Board Meeting Minutes April 19, 2022

Board Meeting Minutes Download PDF File Here

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OEVA Board Minutes March 2022

Board Meeting Minutes  Held on: 03/09/2022 (Embedded PDF)

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This month Todd Discusses the definition of VALUE  (Embedded PDF)

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This month Todd Discusses the social dynamics of tearing up Dearborn Street and it being under construction for the next year. (Embedded PDF)

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This month Todd Discusses what has happened in 2020, COVID-19, & RCTOD (Embedded PDF)

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Happy Holidays

This month Todd Discusses how OEVA will handle the Holidays and some interesting Old Englewood Trivia (Embedded PDF)

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Moving forward with Old Englewood Village

This month Eric Peterson Discusses what's new with OEVA (Embedded PDF)

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Changing Times

This month Todd Discusses how OEVA intends on engaging the community amidst COVID-19 (Embedded PDF)

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Phase 3

This month Todd Discusses Phase 3 of Covid-19 (Embedded PDF)

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Olde Englewood Ideas

Published in The Englewood Review

by Todd Tracy

Over the Independence Day weekend, part of the news cycle included speeches from various public officials that touched on America’s founding ideas and their authors. Those ideas live on to this day. Why? Because it was the value of those ideas, and the willingness of the people to embrace and implement them, that secured their place in our nation’s history. 

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Pioneering Spirit

This month Todd Discusses what it takes to be a Pioneer of Englewood (Embedded PDF)

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This month Todd Discusses business and county interactions during the times of COVID-19 and what the plan for reemergence is for the county. (Embedded PDF) (Embedded PDF)

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This month Todd Discusses some of the concerns and ideas the town has about the upgrades to Dearborn Street coming next year. (Embedded PDF)

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This month Todd Discusses OEVA's history and ways that Englewood's other non-profit organizations could come together to manage Old Englewood post CRA. (Embedded PDF)

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The New Normal

This month Todd Discusses Sarasota County's economic predictions and how it relates to Englewood and the RCTOD zoning overlay. (Embedded PDF)

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