Elm/Magnolia & Dearborn Street IS NOT A ROUNDABOUT!

Good morning everyone – I just received a call from Mary at A New Wave Salon (corner of Elm/Magnolia & Dearborn) and she said she watched several cars use the intersection as a round about. Not sure why, because it is clearly a 4-way stop. She also said they are stating on Facebook that it is a round about. This and all of the following in...

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Orange Street Traffic/Parking Map

The Magnolia / Elm and Dearborn intersection is just about done and will be done by Monday 10/18 when construction moves one block east to Orange Street. Upon moving there the focus will be to work on the Orange St Intersection, the south side of Dearborn St sidewalk and curbs between Magnolia/Elm and Orange, and the north side of Dearborn St sidwa...

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Board Meeting Minutes: 10/11/2021

Board Meeting Minutes  Held on: 10/11/2021 (Embedded PDF)

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Englewood Farmer's Market opened Today. Welcome Back! 10/6/2021

It's great to see the Englewood Farmer's Market return to the streets!

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Construction Update - 10/6/2021 Magnolia-Dearborn

Wright Construction has been placing the paver bricks in the intersection of Elm/Magnolia and Dearborn Street and anticipates finishing that intersection by October 15. Possibly by October 13, weather permitting at which time they will be closing Orange Street intersection. The pervious concrete parking spaces in front of Englewood's On Dearborn an...

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This month Todd Discusses the social dynamics of tearing up Dearborn Street and it being under construction for the next year. (Embedded PDF)

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Construction Update - 9/15/2021 Magnolia-Dearborn

The intersection of Dearborn St and Elm/Magnolia Avenues are still under construction but moving right along. The sand base for the slab before the pavers is laid, and the curbs and sidewalk sections are being laid. Debbie Marks today stated... "Wright Construction will complete the concrete work in the intersection of Elm/Magnolia and W. Dearborn ...

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Mango/Elm Street Traffic/Parking Map

Dearborn St is OPEN for business! All businesses are easily accessible and there is parking. Please review the map for your convenience.

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Dearborn Street Plaza Groundbreaking

Join us and the Englewood CRA for the groundbreaking. Kindly R.S.V.P. to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Monday, August 30, 2021. Time September 2, 2021 - 9:00 AM Location Dearborn Street Plaza Download PDF File Here

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W. Dearborn Street Improvement Project

On Tuesday, August 24, work officially started at the intersection of Elm/Magnolia and W. Dearborn Street. Demolition work is underway. At the same time, the sidewalk and parking on the north side of the block between Elm and Orange is being removed to make way for the new pavers and pervious parking spaces. The memorial bricks are being gathered a...

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Dearborn Street Plaza Project

On Monday, August 23, 2021 Stellar Development Group began preparation of the Plaza property with clearing, grubbing and survey work. The contract states that "all work performed under the contract shall be completed to substantial completion in not more than two hundred and ten (210) calendar days, subject only to delays caused through no fault of...

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This month Robert Reil Discusses the Safewalk (Embedded PDF)

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Construction Update - 8/19/2021 Magnolia-Dearborn

Construction Update

Construction will begin on Tuesday, August 24 with the closing of the intersection of Elm/Magnolia and W. Dearborn Street. Re-construction of that intersection will take approximately 30 days (depending on weather)

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Board Meeting Minutes: 8/16/2021

Board Meeting Minutes  Held on: 8/16/2021 (Embedded PDF)

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The Next Chapter

This month Robert Reil the new President introduces himself.  (Embedded PDF)

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Board Meeting Minutes: 7/19/2021

Board Meeting Minutes  Held on: 7/19/2021 (Embedded PDF)

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Board Meeting Minutes: 6/21/2021

Board Meeting Minutes  Held on: 6/21/2021 (Embedded PDF)

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Board Meeting Minutes: 5/17/2021

Board Meeting Minutes  Held on: 5/17/2021 (Embedded PDF)

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Board Meeting Minutes: 5/10/2021

Board Meeting Minutes  Held on: 5/10/2021 (Embedded PDF)

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Board Meeting Minutes: 4/19/2021

Board Meeting Minutes  Held on: 4/19/2021 (Embedded PDF)

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