Nancy McCune

Nancy McCune

I spent 25 long years in corporate America before I found that my suppressed creativity is what really makes me happy! As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I used creativity as my own therapy. Many times, after a particularly stressful session, I found myself in my little studio pounding on a piece of metal!! Now I am happy to share that therapy with you!


I tend to create statement pieces for a woman who knows her mind and her style… bold and beautiful in every way.


I started jewelry making when I went to a bead show about 30 years ago in Miami with a friend. Little did I know that I would come home with $300 worth of supplies and a burning desire to learn many different techniques! And I have done just that! From wire wrapping to silver and copper smithing, I have followed the muse to learn my craft, discarding those techniques that didn’t suit my style and adding many along the way to enhance what I do!


I began this story by telling you of my stint in corporate America. Back in those days a woman in management was extremely rare, a woman running a multi million-dollar corporation was unprecedented… I knew they all called me “The Dragon Lady” behind my back!


So I give you … Dragon Lady Bling, home of distinctive jewelry for women… never blah and always full of surprises!



Nancy McCune

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