Kim Keaser

Kim Keaser

  Kim Keaser is a fused glass artist working out of her private studio right here in her home town of Englewood, Florida. Specializing in functional and sculptural handcrafted, kiln-formed one-of-a-kind glass art and jewelry. Kim has always been artistic, but it wasn’t until 2017 that she found her preferred medium, glass. In the short time, she has been working with glass, her fascination with it has grown leading her to experiment with many different methods of manipulating glass: lampworking, hand pulling glass, and fusing different metal inclusions in her glass pieces. "I'm fascinated by the transformation properties that occur when combing different forms of glass; sheet glass, glass powder, hand-pulled glass, or adding Inclusions such as copper, silver, and beach sand as inclusion’s in my glass art". 

  Kim took a few introductory to fused glass classes but is mostly self-taught. She is constantly experimenting and learning new techniques, always pushing the limits of her skill level in order to exceed her last project. 

 The majority of her glass art has been inspired by the captivating colors and the peacefulness found along the shores of the beautiful Florida beaches. "The ocean has always represented itself as a place of peace and tranquility for me. I truly believe that ‘The Cure for Anything is Saltwater - Rather it is Sweat, Tears or The Sea’- Isak Dinesen.

  "I strive to make art that is “Visually Therapeutic”, in the hopes that whoever requires a piece I’ve created will find the same tranquility and peace I found while creating it.  I want my art to take them to a place where they can 'Be Still. Observe. Appreciate and Be Inspired'.

Kim Keaser
Port Charlotte FL

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