Jacobina Trump

Jacobina Trump

Jacobina Trump is an accomplished fine art painter and muralist, residing in Englewood since 2010. Classically trained at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in her home country of the Netherlands, she became a US citizen in 2008 while living in Miami. She always has shown a strong interest for the improvement of local community, while developing her painting skills. In 2002 she was active with the Overtown homeless shelter in Miami, painting murals with homeless people in what is now called the Wynwood Art District.


In 2008 she and her husband moved to Indianapolis where she was active in the Stutz Business Center, an industrial complex with 70 artists where she served on the board of the The Stutz Artist Association. They organized various events to draw people to exhibitions and open houses. 


Jacobina finished a large scale mural for the University of Miami in 2010, which brought her back to Florida.


She is an artist in residence of the Manasota Beach Club, Englewood since 1998. As part of the staff of The Hermitage Artist Retreat, she welcomed accomplished artists from New York and other places in America and was instrumental in creating successful events on the beach and in the Palm House.


In 2019 she worked with the children of The Florida Center for Early Childhood on a fundraising project.


All along she has been painting and teaching art classes, in her studio and on-line, and is connected to art centers like Englewood Art Center and Boca Grande Art Center. Her work is on display at Evergreen Cafe and represented internationally trough various venue’s.


Jacobina Trump

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