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Comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, which may exercise the powers of the Board (except for the power to amend these By-Laws), subject to the direction and control of the full Board, in the intervals between regular meetings of the Board.

Manages entity level assets like branding, legal, Sr relationships, business requirements and documents etc.

Robert Reil  
Required Finance Committee. Chaired by the Treasurer, this committee is to have no fewer than 3 members and is responsible for reviewing and developing fiscal procedures, fundraising plans, financial statements, and the annual budget.  John Watson  
Required Chaired by a Director, and consisting of general Members as appointed pursuant to the rules of the Board, this committee recruits applications for any open seat on the Board, verifies the eligibility of the applicant to so serve, provides a slate of candidates to be elected at the Annual Meeting (or fill vacancies) and otherwise fulfills the duties of a nominating committee, or such other duties and tasks of good governance as assigned to it by the Board. John Watson  
Proposed as Required The IT committee is responsible for the growth, maintainence, and continued development of integrating current technologies, risk management, and streamlining communication methodologies on all areas that OEVA touches technology Robert Reil  
Required Chaired by a Director, and consisting of general Members as appointed pursuant to the rules of the Board, this committee assists the Board in establishing membership types and levels, and otherwise enforcing Article III Sections 1 and 5, soliciting new members and processing membership applications, and otherwise fulfills such other duties and tasks as assigned to it by the Board, towards developing a vibrant constituency of OEVA Members. John Watson  
Ad-Hoc This committee is designed to bring the ARTS to Old Englewood Village. It is NOT restricted to the EAD area and is more associated with murals, all types of community art events, chalk art festivals, Sculpture Garden, etc. If you want more or better art in Englewood, here is the place to make that happen.

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Ad-Hoc Plans and coordinates events on Dearborn street and surrounding areas and assists in the vetting process of Dearborn Street Park venues in cooperation with the Englewood CRA. Les Bernstein  
Ad-Hoc "Residential Commercial Transitional Overlay District". A special zoning area north of W. Dearborn St., along and east of Old Englewood Road where home based businesses are allowed as long as the business can be classified (loosely) as an "ART". This committee assists in driving towards the confusion between the county and the law district they created. Evelyn Dow
Sarasota County Govt Relations


Ad-Hoc Much of what OEVA does requires integration and navigation with Sarasota County. Subject matter experts assist OEVA in being successful in these matters.

Evelyn Dow

Les Bernstein


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