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For a Demo or Display at your Business

This is a great way to help attract traffic to your business!  Imagine having people walking down the street and seeing an artist demonstrating how they create their art work right in front of your business.  When you get people to stop in front of your business, you are increasing the chances that these people will become a customer.

Or maybe you've got some wall space where some original artwork would be a perfect accent to your place of business.

Either way, fill in the form below and we'll post it on our website and try to reach out to artists.  We're just trying to put artists in contact with business, building a stronger community and giving artists the opportunity for some additional exposure.

Artist Request Form

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    Terms and Conditions

    Based on your request, an opportunity for an artist will be posted on our website and publisized on social media.

    Artists will be able to contact you directly about your opportunity.

    You agree that you will provide the artist the space and accomodations that you are advertising for.

    By submitting this request, I understand that when contacted by an artist, any agreements reached between the business and the artist are soley between the requesting business and the artist.  This service is only facilitated by Old Englewood Village Association (OEVA) and that OEVA is not responsible in any way for the performance of this agreement and both parties agree to hold OEVA harmless and without any liability or consequences.