Dragon Lady Bling

bold distinctive jewelry for the woman who knows

I take great pride in making distinctive jewelry for the discerning woman.  Never blah, just short of outrageous and always certain to turn heads! 

A friend introduced me to her passion, which was beadwork.

I soon branched out into coppersmithing, silversmithing and various other modalities to create more than just pretty things, I wanted to create works of art! I also discovered that, between clients, using a hammer to pound on a piece of metal was very stress relieving!

When the cost of silver shot from $4.50 a Troy ounce to $50 a Troy ounce it was time to find another way to express my creativity and that is when I discovered clay. The color keeps me coming back even though silver has come back to a reasonable price point! This unique medium can be used for just about anything!

To the present I continue to study and refine my technique so that I can create unique, different, wearable art.

I want my work to integrate art and life, creativity and joy. And I work at that every day!


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